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Review Date: 09/11/2015 | Author: Giselle Q., Altadena, CA

Comments: I decided to get 3 estimates after the first one came in at$4000. Boy am I glad I did. The second estimate was 2,500. Then Philip came & immediately put me out of my misery. He did not try to upsell me at all, instead he offered honest advise & great service. He went up on the roof and into my attic, located where the rodents were entering and sealed the openings, then set traps. He has come back to check on traps & we caught a rodent. No further scratching noises so far and he will return to check on traps again for one month. All this cost was $350. Thank you Philip I will call Amores from now on and recommend them for any rodent problem you may have. Don't get suckered into huge unnecessary bills!

Review Date: 11/10/2014 | Author: Randall G., Covina, CA

Comments: Phil was easy to communicate with and provided professional service

Review Date: 04/25/2014 | Author: Kirsten P., Monrovia, CA

Comments: Phil responded to my request for an estimate immediately. We had problems with possums and skunks in our crawl space and rats in our attic. Phil gave us a reasonable quote and was prepared to get started right away. He was very thorough and spent quite a bit of time making sure that both areas were pest-proofed. He sealed up small holes with foam, installed screens, and even built a screen for an electrical/plumbing opening in the crawl space. He left traps in both spaces and came back to check them regularly until we were comfortable that the animal problem was resolved. Would hire again!

Review Date: 04/22/2014 | Author: Amanda C., Alhambra, CA

Comments: Phil is very responsive and attentive. He makes himself easily available.

Review Date: 03/15/2014 | Author: Ed T., Pasadena, CA

Comments: Phil came out the morning after my call to assess our situation. A renter had reported a rat presence in her house. We had a quote from a big three pest company that I felt was a real salesl job. Reviewed the recomendations with Phil and he felt there was no need for the work as proposed. He gave us advice on how to handle the situation as well as a some information on rodent behavior. In short, Phil was great to talk with and very helpful for our situation. Saving us a significant amount of unnecessary expense. He will be our go to guy for any future pest control work with the rentals.

Review Date: 02/04/2014 | Author: Anthony M., Pasadena, CA

Comments: Phil came out instantly and was very honest after the inspection. He told me I did not have a problem with rodents and that the droppings in my attic were very old. He put new screens over my vent holes in the attic just to make sure no rodents could come in or go out. Very professional gentleman. It was a real pleasure dealing with such an honest and knowledgeable guy. Best customer service I have ever had.

Review Date: 01/28/2014 | Author: C H., Claremont, CA

Comments: Very good.

Review Date: 01/14/2014 | Author: Dave M., Montery Park, CA

Comments: The service was professional, friendly, and done with integrity.

Review Date: 12/12/2013 | Author: James T., Glendora, CA

Comments: No more evidence of rats eating our tomatoes or citrus fruit, and excelent customer service. We were at our wits end with loosing all our ripe tomatoes this year, but problem solved at half the price of the nationally named companies.

Review Date: 12/12/2013 | Author: a Neighbor, Glendora, CA

Comments: Did the work in a timely manner.

Review Date: 12/02/2013 | Author: Q P., Claremont, CA

Comments: The serviceman was knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. He inspected our property inside and out, found the points of entry, and set up a system to take care of the problem safely. He gave us the information we needed to prevent issues in the future. He was also a very nice man. Even the dogs liked him and they are very picky!

Review Date: 10/24/2013 | Author: Eva W., Claremont, CA

Comments: The man who gave the estimate also did the job. He was reliable, curtious and prompt.

Review Date: 09/18/2013 | Author: David C., Alhambra, CA

Comments: Yes he por form very well with in a matter of 5 min he handle the job very well I was so happy because my wife did not want to come in our home because the posome that was in our bedroom but he took care of the issued very fast after waiting on animal control to come and never show up so I was very happy with Amores pest control services thank you your truly DAVID A CASTRO ALHAMBRA CA .

Review Date: 09/17/2013 | Author: a Neighbor, LaPuente, CA

Comments: Very good service

Review Date: 08/14/2013 | Author: William R., Altadena, CA

Comments: verry prompt & good price for the service.

Review Date: 08/12/2013 | Author: Debbie D., Pasadena, CA

Comments: Phil responded to my call on a Saturday evening within a 1/2 hour. I heard a small animal in my attic. He was ready to coming out that evening when we decided the raccoon had left for the night. He was out the first thing in the morning, checking the attic, determining the raccoon was not living there and was just visiting. He replaced screening with a heavier grade and secured grid. Not only did he relieve my fears Saturday night but he was on the spot the next day handling the problem.

Review Date: 08/10/2013 | Author: Maria M., Arcadia, CA

Comments: Phillip quickly responsed to my call. Was out at our home with 30 minutes to remove a possum. Pricing was very fair.

Review Date: 07/30/2013 | Author: Kathleen S., Claremont, CA

Comments: I called Phil after working with ProCraft on a problem they couldn't solve. After $600 they just gave up suggested I call someone else. Phil found the entry points, sealed them up, returned on follow up visits until the problem was solved. He is very professional, and reliable--he's there when he says he will be. I can't recommend him highly enough. And the charge was less than Procraft. I strongly recommend him if you have a hard to solve problem. I know he won't give up.

Review Date: 07/08/2013 | Author: Vince M., Whittier, CA

Comments: Tech. arrived on time, was personable and professional. Provided excellent service over several days to rid our property of a family of skunks. Pricing was fair in relation to services provided, and less than quoted by a larger pest control company.

Review Date: 05/23/2013 | Author: Nancey S., San Gabriel, CA

Comments: Great value for the money!!!

Review Date: 05/20/2013 | Author: Carlos G., Whittier, CA

Comments: did a great job, was very helpful in solving the problem I had.

Review Date: 05/16/2013 | Author: Sharon A., West Covina, CA

Comments: The representative came out right on time. Inspected the roof and determined we had a raccoon tearing up our roof and trying to get into the attic from outside. He advised us that it was not rats as we thought. He was very pleasant, helpful and did not charge us for coming out. He said he could also set traps if we would like to catch the raccoon but advised us that if we cut a tree away from the house in the back the raccoon would not be able to access the roof. We would definitely use this company again. You rarely find such a honest company and such helpful representatives.

Review Date: 01/29/2013 | Author: Bill C., Alhambra, CA

Comments: The technician removed the dead animal and did a very professional job with good craftsmanship of sealing all openings to prevent recurrence. The cost was much less than that estimated by the big pest control companies, and response time was very fast. We used them again later, and had a similar experience.

Review Date: 01/09/2013 | Author: Karen S., Monterey Park, CA

Comments: I, myself, would use Amores Pest Services, Inc. again if necessary. Never had to leave messages, phone contact was very prompt and efficient which is always a plus. Service was handled quickly and professionally. Any questions I had were answered and I learned a few things about cats/skunks/small animals in conversation which I didn't have knowledge of. I have no problem recommending Amores Pest Services, Inc. to anyone to see if their problem can be resolved by them. My THANKS again to Amores Pest Services, Inc.

Review Date: 01/01/2013 | Author: Erin L., San Marino, CA

Comments: Philip has been very attentive and has returned for all the follow up visits as promised. He also came out when I called for additional rechecks on areas where I heard activity between planned checks.

Review Date: 12/30/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, Arcadia, CA

Comments: Good job so far and fair price. I will use Phil again. Good job!

Review Date: 11/23/2012 | Author: Derek H., Covina, CA

Comments: I appreciate Phil's willingness to come out on short notice for two of the three jobs that I had him do. The referrals we read were spot on. A true professional.

Review Date: 10/27/2012 | Author: Joe V., Whittier, CA

Comments: Veryy good service, great follow up andd communication.called and came the same day.

Review Date: 10/19/2012 | Author: Erwin V., Pasadena, CA

Comments: Mr. Phi was a wonderful partner in my quest to get rid of an incredibly stealthy rat. He gave me context around his approach to pest control and advised me on some minor and inexpensive things i could to avoid the issue in the future. He was courteous, on time, professional, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Amores Pest Services!

Review Date: 10/14/2012 | Author: Roy C., Arcadia, CA

Comments: Philip was very patient with me over the phone trying to help me assess the situation. He cleared his schedule to come to my house within the hours. He was on time and very courteous throughout. He was able to find a dead skunk in my crawl space and deodorize the area. And he charged me cheaper than what he quoted. Thank you for your help.

Review Date: 10/14/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, San Gabriel, CA

Comments: Phil (the owner) is great. He is extremely responsible and doesn't try to get you to spend more than you have to. I highly recommend him.

Review Date: 09/05/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, El Monte, CA

Comments: Great service and on time.

Review Date: 09/04/2012 | Author: Celia B., Baldwin Park, CA

Comments: Great service! I wish I would have called Amores a lot sooner. I will recommend to friends and family.

Review Date: 07/06/2012 | Author: Josephine V., West Covina, CA

Comments: I did not rate quality or value for money,work was not needed. Mr. Muniz was so honest and very professional. I will use his company again, and will recommend his service to all my friends and family members.

Review Date: 06/22/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, Altadena, CA

Comments: Very responsive, knowledgeable. Impressed with customer service

Review Date: 06/19/2012 | Author: Winston T., Rosemead, CA

Comments: Was expensive, I believe, no comparison/other quotes available, but was not overcharged and the job was done as specified within specified costs.

Review Date: 05/31/2012 | Author: Luz R., Montebello, CA

Comments: they were very helpful and friendly.i

Review Date: 05/23/2012 | Author: David K., Whittier, CA

Comments: Excellent fast and thorough service. Highly recommend !

Review Date: 05/01/2012 | Author: Joe B., Glendora, CA

Comments: Phillip Muniz is not only a professional at what he does, he is patient, understanding, answers all of my questions, always answers the phone when I call or will return a call, does what he needs to do to get the job done. I have been totally happy with the excellent customer service that I have so far received from Phillip Muniz and would recommend him to family, friends and neighbors. Sincerely, Joe Battaglia

Review Date: 04/24/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, Alhambra, CA

Comments: We had a great experience with Amores. Phil was very professional through and through. We surveyed 3 estimates and while Amores was a bit more, there was something about Phil that gave us the impression he brought more to the table than the others. Plus, he guaranteed the work for a year. The others didn't. Amores is a small company and in this case, it seemed to be an advantage: more personalized service; the feeling that the customer experience was very important to them; and the ability to be more nimble and flexible with the scheduling. It's been several months since we last saw Phil, but it's the last time we saw pests too.

Review Date: 04/11/2012 | Author: Junia P., Covina, CA

Comments: Professional, on time, solve my back yard gopher problem right on spot.

Review Date: 03/20/2012 | Author: John W., South Pasadena, CA

Comments: He came out in a timely manner and did the work as promised.

Review Date: 02/29/2012 | Author: Monika S., Pomona, CA

Comments: WONDERFUL Service! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for good quality and honest service. Thank you

Review Date: 02/24/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, Whittier, CA

Comments: I was happy with the work.

Review Date: 02/06/2012 | Author: Nancy M., Diamond Bar, CA

Comments: Phillip provided excellent service. The problem was fixed & the critters are gone. I can sleep soundly now!! Thanks so much!

Review Date: 12/06/2011 | Author: Virginia C., San Gabriel, CA

Comments: Phil was very professional , informative and helpful. I appreciated his work and would recommend his company to any of my family or friends.

Review Date: 11/30/2011 | Author: Debbie M., West Covina, CA

Comments: Phill is a great help to my husband and i. We had a question for him after he left and he promptly answered his phone for us and offered to come back. He also gave us over the counter try like we asked for. We are very thrifty people with our money since i am an unemployed accountant so the value is very important to us. We are very pleased with Phil and our service. Thank You Paul and Debbie

Review Date: 11/30/2011 | Author: Laura P., Glendora, CA

Comments: I had a rodent issue and had an appointment scheduled first thing the next morning. Very prompt service and reasonable fees.

Review Date: 11/04/2011 | Author: Guy B., La Verne, CA

Comments: prompt, knowledgable, thorough

Review Date: 10/27/2011 | Author: Tracee V., Temple City, CA

Comments: Very responsive

Review Date: 10/16/2011 | Author: a Neighbor, San Gabriel, CA

Comments: he was very good

Review Date: 09/26/2011 | Author: Rosemarie R., Whittier, CA

Comments: I was pleased with the quick response time and work done was very professional. I will recommend Amores to family & friends.

Review Date: 09/19/2011 | Author: a Neighbor, Temple City, CA

Comments: the wasps are all gone``thanks!!

Review Date: 09/12/2011 | Author: a Neighbor, Pasadena, CA

Comments: Phil was very professional , informative and helpful to us. We appreciated his work very, very much and would recommend his company to anyone who needed pest services. Thank you!

Review Date: 08/25/2011 | Author: Joe R., ,

Comments: We use him in our rest for 25 years and I have 7 restaurants. He's really good at what he does personable, very customer service oriented, and he is a hard working man